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Why some URLs / Pages are not accepted by Share

Unfortunately, some sites cannot be used with Share!

These sites have software in place that blocks IFrames  – the type of overlay used by Share:

  • The ‘Majors’ – Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Google; Ebay etc. (Note – you can still POST Share on Facebook, but you cannot clone their pages
  • Some Media Sites  – Forbes Magazine, the New York Times etc. These sites are protecting their content (for obvious reasons)
  • Secured domains or pages  – For example government and financial institutions, checkout pages.
  • And finally, there are some completely random sites that are blocked for reasons we can’t work out!

We have looked at ways of circumventing this protection, but there really isn’t one- at least not legally!

And, since these sites have put their protection in place for a reason, ethically we have to respect that!

We calculate that less than 0.5% of sites are blocked though, so there is still 99.5% of all the content on the Web you can clone!

Updated on November 25, 2016

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