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Share Step #3 – Creating a CAMPAIGN

Once you have created a BRAND and a BOX you are ready to create your first campaign!

Click on ‘Share’ in your main dashboard and then ‘New’

You will see this screen; Use this screenshot as reference to the instructions below:


For ‘Business’ level users –

  1. Create a name for your campaign – this is just for internal use.
  2. Add in the URL of the site you are wishing to clone
  3. Choose a ‘Layer’ type – You can use either a Share box, or an Engage / Amplify campaign
  4. Once you have selected your layer type, choose from either the list of your saved Share boxes, or from your list of Engage / Amplify campaigns.
  5. Choose your domain name – You can either use an automatically-generated 3ng.io link (in which case leave the box as it is displayed here) or select from any of your Custom Domains
  6. Insert your campaign Cover picture and link title

Then just save the campaign. If you have Integrated your Facebook and Twitter accounts , the picture and link title should appear when posted.

For ‘Pro’ (Scheduler’) users


Follow the steps as above, then

  1. Click on ‘Enable Auto Posting
  2. Select your destination account
  3. Select the frequency you wish the campaign to be posted to your Twitter or Facebook account
  4. Add variations to the title of the article to be posted (if desired; if not leave blank)

And then add your campaign Cover picture and link title

Instructions on managing your Scheduler can be found here


Updated on November 25, 2016

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