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How to become an affiliate + 2 unique ways to generate commissions

We love it when people talk about us and refer us to their friends.

And to give something back, we’ve created an affiliate scheme where we reward partners with 30% recurring commission for any referred sales.

A. Getting started

You can sign up for the scheme via the top-right account menu in your dashboard, then clicking on the affiliate tab. 

Signing up is easy and it only takes a couple of minutes to create a Paddle account and then access your links:

B. Ways to promote

Alongside the usual ways of promoting any product (creating review videos, blog posts, social content, etc…) we also offer two native ways to promote our software which are embedded into the app itself:

1. “Powered by” messaging on campaigns

2. Via the template import link when sharing a template you’ve created

Let’s deal with each of these separately, as each has its own unique link.

1. “Powered by” message 

By default, all campaigns carry our branding in the form of a small logo or “Powered by” message in the bottom left of the screen.

Paying subscribers can either remove this completely, or they can insert their referral link into the message/image.

How to do it:

Access the affiliate dashboard by clicking the menu item in the top right of your dashboard:

You’ll have two options:

  1. Remove the “Powered by” messaging entirely (Paid accounts only)
  2. Insert your unique referral link in to the “Powered by” message.

To remove the “Powered by” message from all your campaigns, simply set the ‘Enable “Powered By” message’ setting to ‘No’ and our branding will no longer appear.

Alternatively, if you would like to be credited as an affiliate for any referred sales, then leave the message display setting enabled and signup to the Affiliate Scheme by clicking the blue button on this page.

Once you’ve registered your affiliate account, you’ll be able to grab your referral url, copy it, and then paste it into the referral link field in your dashboard. And that’s it, nothing more is required 🙂

Our users are able to save and share templates with other users. 

This is the perfect opportunity to provide value to your audience by giving them a free template to import whilst also capitalising on our affiliate scheme. 

Any users signing up via your template import page will be signed up under your affiliate account.  If they become a subscriber then you’ll receive the affiliate commission.

The default template import page looks like this:

We provide a few options to customise this page:

1. Add your affiliate link to the “Create account” button
2. Add your own custom text
3. Add your own custom profile image or logo

Here’s an example of a customised page:

This is pretty easy to setup.

Once again, simply login (or signup) to our affiliate scheme managed via Paddle – see Section A above.

Once you’re in your account, go to “Affiliates” in the side menu, then Links in the sub-navigation.

Then simply copy and paste the affiliate link for the “Template Share Page” campaign.  

Once fully setup, the affiliates page in your dashboard should look something like this:

A simple yet powerful way to generate affiliate commissions while sharing value with your audience.  What’s not to like? 🙂


Updated on July 17, 2019

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