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Creating a custom domain/subdomain

This article shows how to connect your own domain, or subdomain to your account

This has two benefits:

1. Any pages you create can be assigned to a page on your own domain.

e.g. https://yourdomain.com/your-page

2. Any links you create with our Social Automation app, which also include one of your CTAs, can also be assigned to your own domain instead of the default short domain.  See here for more info.

NOTE:  If the domain you want to connect to your account already contains a website and you don’t want to overwrite that site, then you will most likely want to connect to a subdomain.

How to set it up:

First, you need to add your domain to your account, then setup its DNS settings.

To add the the custom domain name or subdomain to your account, from inside your dashboard, click on “Settings” > “Installation“, then click on the “Manage my custom domain names” button.

Then click on “New Domain Name“, and enter the domain name (or subdomain) you wish to integrate and click “Save”.

NOTE: Do not include http:// or https:// at this stage

The next step is setting up the DNS settings, for this one, there are two options :

  1. Using Cloudflare (recommended).
  2. Using your domain registrar.

Using CloudFlare (recommended) :

Using Cloudflare is the recommended option here, because it provides you with a free lifetime SSL certificate, in addition to other security and performance features provided by Cloudflare.

In order to setup the custom domain name or subdomain, please follow these steps :

Step 1 : Create a Cloudflare account and Setup your website.

(skip to step 2 if you already have a Cloudflare account)

Creating a CloudFlare account and setting up your website is fairly straight forward, please follow this 3 step official tutorial :

  1. How does Cloudflare work?
  2. Create a Cloudflare account and add a website
  3. Change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare

Step 2 : Adding the CNAME record.

  • From within your Cloudflare account, navigate to your domain’s DNS settings.
  • To use the root domain name, Select “CNAME”, enter “@” in the second field, and, “bind.cnvrt.tech” in the third one, then click “Add Record”.
  • To use a subdomain, Select “CNAME”, enter your subdomain name in the second field, if you want to use “mysubdomain.site.com” for example, enter “mysubdomain” only, and, “bind.cnvrt.tech” in the third one, then click “Add Record”.

All you need to do now is to wait for DNS settings to propagate.

Using your domain registrar :

Regarding this option, there are no universal steps to follow as there are hundreds of domain registrars, each has its own UI, but the concept is the same.  In summary, you’ll need to navigate to your domain name’s DNS settings page, then, add a CNAME record pointing to “bindcustom.cnvrt.tech“.

Here is an example using Namecheap :

  • if you want to use “mysubdomain.site.com” for example, enter “mysubdomain” only in the “Host” field.
  • if you want to use the root domain name “site.com” for example, enter “@” only in the “Host” field.

That’s all, all you need to do now if to wait for DNS settings to propagate.

Updated on October 23, 2019

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