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Elements or text not in their correct position?

The Platform is built to achieve as near as possible to 100% responsiveness across all devices and system set-ups. However sometimes problems do occur with the view in the Campaign builder and / or preview differing from the live version.

Common issues include

  • Text appearing partially outside of it’s assigned text box
  • Elements overlapping in the ‘live versions’ of your campaigns
  • Elements appearing in a different position on the ‘live’ version from teh campaign builder
  • Elements not appearing at all in the live version. 

The most common cause of this is text boxes and elements being too closely spaced / or too many elements on the screen. This is the most frequent cause of ‘position errors’  – put simply, the system calculates that it cannot display the elements correctly in ‘real’ versions and so relocates certain elements to what it perceives to be the best location.

The following is an example of a campaign with lots of info, but realistic spacing; note the red lines for an indication of appropriate spacings

So to solve the problem, space your elements out further apart! If you need more space, you CAN move elements outside the container box just by clicking on the element and using the arrow key to move it outside of the container. This rule also applies to text within a text box – If your text is close to the margins of the box, try expanding the text box to provide a bigger margin and spacing the elements further apart;

You will find that the issue is more acute in browsers OTHER than Google Chrome, so we recommend testing your live campaign on a different browser to be 100% sure of the fix

Updated on March 9, 2017

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