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How many Twitter Accounts can I integrate with iQueue?

You can only integrate ONE (1) Twitter account with each iQueue account

This is a different situation from the integrations with other Social Media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn where you can have as many integrations as allowed by your licence arrangements.

Following on from various scandals about the use of Twitter to post multiple tweets to multiple sources, they have introduced new Terms and Conditions to prevent misuse of their platform

This status update from Twitter  gives you an idea of their position

Following extensive discussion with Twitter during the development of iQueue which included them evaluating the developing platform, we were advised that the only way to ensure that there was no misuse of iQueue that might allow room for contravention of their Terms and Conditions was to limit each account to no more than one (1) integration.

We are aware that some other products on the market offer multiple account integrations, but please note that these products were created prior to the current changes to Twitters’ terms and conditions

Please note that if you have multiple Workspaces within your account then each Workspace can integrate a different (single) Twitter account

Updated on April 17, 2018

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