There are 3 options – 

For all these options you need to access your installations menu – Go to your dashboard, click on ‘Settings’ in the side menu, then click on ‘Installations’. You will see this screen


For WordPress websites :

  • If your website is running WordPress, we have a plugin for you, here is how to install it :
    • download the WordPress plugin.
    • Upload it to your WordPress website and activate it like you do for every other plugin.
    • From your WordPress admin dashboard, you’ll see a new menu with a submenu « Settings »,
    • For Engage and Amplify campaigns, click on it, and enter your USER ID – This can be found on the screen shown above
    • Click « Save » and you’re good to go!
    • For Capture campaigns you need to add the API key generated by the Capture campaign. See ‘Campaign settings’ in this Knowledge base for further information.

For HTML, Custom, E-Commerce, None-WordPress websites

If your website is a simple HTML website, custom made website, or running any kind of CMS or e-commerce platform, please follow the steps below:

    • Click on « Get the Embed Code ».
    • Copy the code from the modal window.
    • If you want the popups to run on all the website, just paste the code anywhere in a page’s source code that is included in all other pages (for e.g : footer.php or head.php).
    • If you want the popups/conversion mats to run on only on a specified page, paste the code anywhere in that page’s source code or use the page targeting option. 

For other sites

If you cannot use the WP / API or HTML Embed route, you can still launch campaigns by using the Custom Domain route. Further information is contained here