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iQueue campaigns not displaying properly in mobile or Desktop

iQueue is designed to be fully responsive across all platforms, but, due to the nature of the app we can’t guarantee it will work seamlessly with all target sites, especially older sites that themselves use non-responsive frameworks/code.

Users may experience problems in individual campaigns with:

  • The iQueue campaign appearing but not the target site background
  • The iQueue campaign appearing but the target site appearance is messed up in some way
  • Rarely, the iQueue campaign not appearing at all

This is not generally a malfunction within iQueue, it is usually caused by either:

  • The target site already has indigenous iFrames or other third party content on the page you have cloned. This doesn’t always stop the iQueue campaign from appearing but can prevent the site content from appearing; this is caused by a conflict between the two iFrames
  • The target site is not itself fully responsive. Because the cloned page created by iQueue uses the target site as its basis; if the target is not responsive (or uses out-of-date compatibility software) then the cloned site won’t be either
  • The target site is particularly ‘busy’ or slow to load (i.e. cluttered with ads).  In this case, the iQueue overlay may load before the target site itself.  In this scenario we recommend setting a delay in your Action settings, so the campaign appears more naturally

Occasionally there are just combinations of a campaign, platform, device and operating system that produce unusual results.

In all cases, we recommend that you check your campaign from more than one device; in many cases it is simply a case of an unfortunate combo on the users’ own platform.

And if you’re unsure, just send us the link in a support ticket and we’ll take a closer look so see what we can advise.

Updated on April 17, 2018

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