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iQueue walkthrough! – READ THIS

Just follow the steps here to get your first iQueue campaign up-and-running

Step 1: Add your social media accounts

You need to do this before you can create any iQueue campaigns; Simply go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Integrations’

Open your social media account in the same browser as your iQueue account and then select the appropriate icon –

You will see the integration creator appear –

Authorise the app to allow the integration and enter any required passwords and then the integration is complete!

If you change or add any pages in your social media accounts you will need to ‘Synch’ your lists as shown in the screenshot above. If you only want to select SOME of your pages or groups, select these on the list while ‘Synching’.

Step 2: Create a Category

Categories are your your groups of content – They can be anything from a Brand name / identity to a day of the week ‘Monday posts’ or a content category (e.g. Blog posts)

Go to iQueue > Categories > Create new Category

You can select any colour and title – Categories are simply so you can identify and keep track of your posts

Step 3: Create a time slot


Go to iQueue > Calendar > Schedule

Then select your category and simply drag and drop to your desired time slot; remember to select your ‘Targets’ (the social media accounts you wish the posting to occur on)

All time slots can be moved freely about the Calendar simply by clicking, dragging and dropping

Step 4 – Create your iQueue posts!

You can do this from any section in iQueue by clicking on the ‘New post’ button –

OR by creating the post in the iQueue browser extension (see HERE)

You will see the campaign creator – For full information on creating a campaign see the iQueue knowledge baseĀ 

But basically :

  • Select your posting option – Manual for direct posts to your social media pages; ‘Smart’ for scheduling; and ‘link only’ for direct posts of a cloned Share link
  • Select your categories andĀ  / or targets

  • Add your text / content and Photo
  • Select whether you wish to use an Engage or Amplify overlay with the post
  • Select the timing and position of the Post within your calendar

And of course, click ‘SAVE’ !

Its as simple as that!


Updated on April 17, 2018

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