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Is iQueue LEGAL?

Yes it’s legal!

We checked this out extensively during the development process.

Since the user is not amending the content of the host site in any way (iQueue was built deliberately so that is not possible) they are only considered to be using the content for (under International Copyright Law) “Review or Editorial purposes”

Basically, the legalities are exactly the same as if you were sending the host link directly.

And since the Hosts are effectively getting free traffic driven to their site, it is unlikely that they would object (on ethical not legal grounds) – No one has yet – But should that situation arise, we would contact you and ask you to remove or update the link in question.

The only warning is DO NOT claim:

  • That the site is yours
  • That the site contains any material produced by you
  • That you are affiliated with the owners in any way

This would -of course- apply if users were just sharing the host link normally, but its best to make sure take even more care with iQueue as the link is obviously ‘disguised’ .

Updated on April 17, 2018

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