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Retargeting / Tracking pixels

To install a tracking pixel

You can either:

  • Install analytics, tracking or retargeting script in the campaign coding
  • And / or use our Retargeting widget

To install your analytics, pixel/tracking or retargeting script

All you need to do is to go to the page settings (by clicking outside of the container), then click on the”Settings” tab, you can then put your code in the “Header Scripts” field if you want it to appear before the “</head>” tag, or in “Footer Scripts” if you want it added to the end of the page, before the “</body>” tag, please check the image below :


To add a retargeting pixel

On your control panel, click on your ‘Misc’ buttons menu, select ‘Tracking code’ and drag-and drop it to your camaign (the Widget is invisible and will not appear on your campaign)

Simply enter your tracking pixel or code in the box and you will receive retargeting info to the pixel when the campaign is live

Updated on November 20, 2016

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