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Reasons for your campaigns not appearing

Your popups/conversion mats can not work for multiple reasons, to make sure all settings are correct, please check :

    • If the embed code is properly present and installed in your website pages source code.
    • If the campaign is enabled/activated.
    • If at least one popup/conversion mat is enabled/activated inside your campaign.
    • If the popup/conversion mat has content inside it (not empty).
    • Is the domain name assigned correctly, e.g www.domain.com or subdomain.domain.com
    • Is the page targeting set up correct.
    • Make sure your domain name is linked only once to your dashboard, and all your campaigns are organised under it, avoid linking the same domain name multiple times, only once is sufficient to manage all your campaigns.
    • The campaign can stop working/displaying (just for you on your computer) only if you opted-in, entered the email in the form, as there is no reason to keep showing it for you because you already took action, so if your visitor saw your popup, and opted-in, it will be annoying to keep showing it to them after. 🙂
    • To properly test if it is working on not, please try in the private/incognito mode or clear your cookies.
    • If your website is based on WordPress, please check that the WordPress plugin is installed, activated and setup using your USER ID (For Engage and Amplify) or API Key (For capture)
Updated on March 6, 2017

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