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How to rebrand “via” domain in Facebook’s link preview

By default, when links are shared on Facebook, it creates a preview that gets displayed on the newsfeed similar to the following :

As you will notice, the domain name that is shown by Facebook is “BLOG.HUBSPOT.COM.VIA.3NG.IO“.

However, we give you the option to rebrand this to display “Via” your own domain name.

PLEASE NOTE:  The via domain or subdomain must match the url you are using for your custom share url (see here for further info).

Edit your DNS in Cloudflare or directly via your webhost

So, let’s say that for example, the custom domain name that you’re using is “mydomain.com“, you will only need to add the following record to your site’s DNS configuration

Type Name Value
CNAME *.via bindcustom.cnvrt.tech

Once you do that, when Facebook tries to create the preview of your “Share” link, the system will automatically look for the “*.via” version of your custom domain name and use it (*.via version is automatically created when you create your custom domain name) instead of “via.3ng.io”.

Subdomain Configurations

If you are using a subdomain, then the setup is slightly different.  You need to add the subdomain after the “via“.

So, for example, if your campaign’s custom domain name is a subdomain like “news.mydomain.com”, the DNS record should be as following :

Type Name Value
CNAME *.via.news bindcustom.cnvrt.tech

Once the DNS configuration propagates successfully, the subdomain will be working correctly.

Updated on February 4, 2019

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