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Installing the WordPress Plugin

To install the WordPress Plugin simply:

  • Download the plug-in (Zip file)  and save it to a local drive
  • In the ‘Admin’ dashboard on your WordPress site, click on ‘plugins’ and the ‘add new’
  • Upload the Zip file (NOTE – All of the folder, not individual elements)
  • Click ‘Install’ – and you will see the new plug-in appear in your Admin Dashboard
  • Click on ‘settings’


You then need to add either the USER ID or The API key . These are available from the same screen as the plug-in 


For Capture:

You’ll need then to get your API Key to complete the setup, to do so, head to the pages listing screen, choose any page and click on “Publish” > “Integrations“, a modal window will open for you with your API KEY displayed.

Copy your API KEY  go back to your WordPress blog, click on the “Capture” tab and paste your copied API KEY in the first text field, then click on “Get Pages From CaptiFire Dashboard” to sync your WordPress blog with your CaptiFire dashboard.

If your API KEY / User ID is correct , it will show a success message with the number of synced pages.

Then click “Save Changes”.

To publish any Capture page, just go to  “Add new Page”,


Then set up the page path and choose which Capture page, then click “Publish”.

For Engage / Amplify

Repeat the process described above, but using the ‘USER ID’ and the ‘Engage / Amplify’ section on your site.


Updated on March 6, 2017

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